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What Is Termux? Installation, Usage And Some Tools For Termux

What Is Termux ? : A Detailed Guide About Termux. Answering All Questions About Installation, Usage, Hacking, Some Best Hacking Tools and more For Termux

What is Termux?

What Is Termux : Termux is a Linux Terminal Emulator application for Android. A terminal emulator is a program that allows the user to access the command-line interface (CLI) in a graphical environment without root. If you’ve studied the basics of computer, you must know about the shell and command-line interface. If not here is a short definition of shells for you to clear your concept. Or Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically additional packages are available using the APT package manager.What Is Termux

About Termux
What Is Termux

Why is Termux?

Now we realize that termux is a Linux Terminal Emulator. But why it is so well-known and occasionally known as a hacking machine. Well, that’s by some means actual and once in a while a piece of false information also. Termux isn’t a standalone hacking app. As we discussed, it’s a software that takes instructions and runs scripts. In a few Linux distributions like Kali, Parrot OS, we discover loads of equipment for penetration testing. Most of them are CLI based and run via the terminal. We can also install various other tools and run distinct scripts made for Pentesting. So that was a wrap on introduction to Termux. Let’s move to installation and basic usage.


There is no complicated process to install termux on your smartphone. Termux app is available on Google PlayStore. You can download the app and directly install it on your Android Phone. It’s Required android version 5.0 or up.

Download Link: Click Here

Installing Packages:

Let’s install some basic packages. To install packages in termux, the command used is: pkg install

Update and upgrade:

pkg update

pkg update && pkg upgrade

Installing Python:

pkg install python

For Python2

pkg install python2

For Python3

pkg install python3

Installing pip:

pkg install python-pip

Installing Git:

pkg install git

Installing wget:

pkg install wget

Uninstalling Packages:

pkg uninstall pkg-name

List all install packages:

pkg list-all

Installing Deb files:

You can similarly manage dpkg too. In case you’ve got a .deb file, you can’t install it using pkg install command. To install such a file, dpkg is used.


dpkg -i ./package.deb


dpkg –remove [package name]

Listing all installed packages:

dpkg -l

Rest of the commands are almost the same as basic Debian Linux command line.

Hacking on Termux:

Now let’s discuss how to use termux for Hacking. Termux allows you to install many useful hacking tools on your Android phone. These awesome hacking tools include Wireshark, Nmap, Metasploit framework, Sqlmap, etc. If I started covering all the tools, the article will become a booklet. That’s why I’ve going to share only the most used tools with the installation process.

Installing the Metasploit framework on Termux:

Metasploit is one of the best and most used hacking tools right now. It is a complete framework that finds vulnerabilities, finds exploits related to those vulnerabilities and other hacking works. To install the Metasploit framework on your termux follow these commands:

pkg install unstable-repo

pkg install metasploit

Installing Nmap:

pkg install nmap

Hydra is one of the best password cracking and brute-forcing tool. It supports different services like telnet, ssh, ftp, etc. To install hydra in termux use this command:

Nmap is a complete network mapping tool used for scanning ports and vulnerabilities in a network. To install Nmap simply use the following command:

Installing Hydra:

pkg install hydra

Installing SQLMAP:

Sqlmap is a tool used to find and inject SQL injection vulnerabilities in a database/web application. The process of installing sqlmap is a little more complex because you can’t install it directly from the pkg install command. Here is the installation process:

  • Update
    pkg update
  • Install Python2
    pkg install python2
  • Install Git
    pkg install git
  • Clone sqlmap git repository:
    git clone https://github.com/sqlmapproject/sqlmap.git
  • Now list all the directories in the current location and change to the sqlmap directory
    ls (to list all directories)
    cd sqlmap (if you find the sqlmap directory in the list then type this command)
  • Now find sqlmap.py and run it
    ls (to list all directories/files to find sqlmap)
    python2 sqlmap.py (to run the sqlmap.py script)

That’s it. Now you can use sqlmap.

For other Termux tools, just keep doing Google search and find the Set-Up process. We’ve so far discussed the majority of installation processes for different tools. The last one was through bash. And sqlmap through python. Most of the Hacking tools and scripts use these two languages. Comment down if we missed anything. Share this article so more people can gain some knowledge. and Stay Connected with Blogforpost for more.


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