Voting for the US presidential election begins


    Voting for the much-awaited US presidential election has begun. Voting traditionally begins in the dark on Tuesday (November 3) in two small towns in North Hampshire.

    In the meantime, voting has officially started in ny , New Jersey, Virginia and North Carolina. The Americans will choose their 47th president. vote has been on the increase since dawn. No untoward incident has been reported thus far .

    Of these, about 100 million voters cast their ballots beforehand , a record for the last 100 years. For those that haven’t yet voted, today is their last chance to vote. A nationwide survey shows that Joe Biden is well ahead. But in states where the result of the vote could depend upon the result of the election, the positions of the 2 are quite close.

    Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has campaigned in four more rival states. Campaigned in North Carolina, Scranton, Pennsylvania. There he announced that next year would be the year of the simplest economy.

    Presidential candidate Joe Biden also campaigned in Pennsylvania. During the campaign in Ohio, Biden said it had been time to close up and leave Donald Trump.

    Meanwhile, quite 10,000 protesters marched on Black Lives Matter Plaza and a park near the White House on election night. Any unpleasant situation could arise if Trump rejects the results if Biden wins. Strict security measures are tightened across the country to affect things .


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