Trump can play the last ‘game’


    According to the newest results of the US presidential election, the Democratic candidate Joe Biden is way before the Republican Donald Trump. Not only sound results but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

    According to Fox News, Joe Biden received 274 electoral votes, while CNN received 253. But the amount of Trump’s electoral votes is 213 on CNN and 214 on Fox News.

    Despite Biden leading the way with 270 electoral votes, CNN says Trump still features a chance to be re-elected president.

    Biden is predicted to win in Arizona and Nevada. therein case, Trump will need to lead within the second district of North Carolina, Georgia and Maine. The Alaska vote is probably going to travel to the president.

    Winning in Pennsylvania is additionally important for Trump to survive the White House race. In Arizona, too, the present president will need to overtake Biden.

    Meanwhile, a fierce battle is raging between the incumbent President Donald Trump and therefore the Democratic nominee Joe Biden for the White House, one among the world’s most powerful offices. The results are coming from many nations . Biden is ahead. Now expecting the ultimate announcement. also as knowing the results, there’s interest where the Trump era goes to finish .

    Biden is leading with 274 of the 537 body votes. To win, 260 body votes are needed to make sure 7 more. Trump is ahead in 214. 56 body votes are needed to win. The votes of 60 electoral colleges in 5 states are yet to be counted.


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