This person was arrested after taking a bath with milk!


    People are often arrested for strange reasons! this point a young man from Turkey was arrested after taking a shower with milk. Police have also arrested a person who videotaped a dairy worker taking a shower with milk.

    According to a Times Now report , the name of the accused is Ugur Tutgut. As seen within the video, he’s cleaning his hair by pushing milk on his head with a mug with joy in his mind.

    The report further said that after the video of bathing with milk was spread through social media, there was widespread anger among the folk . The dairy was then pack up after two people were arrested. Surprisingly, the bath is inside the factory. the thought is that he did this a day .

    The local administration has fined the dairy . Officials say the factory has been pack up thanks to health risks. The country’s agriculture minister says questions on the health of ordinary people have begun to surface after watching the video. So for now the dairy has been pack up . Police have also arrested two accused.


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