The United States has dropped the list of terrorist organizations


    The us has dropped the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) from its terrorist list. Beijing has always blamed ETIM for justifying China’s brutal crackdown on minority Muslims in Xinjiang.

    The U.S. Federal Register has issued a replacement notice. It outlines new rules for the us . U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also confirmed the removal of ETIM from the terrorist list.

    A State Department spokesman said ETIM had been dropped from the terrorist list. Because no evidence of their existence has been found for quite a decade.

    In 2004, as a part of the US-led war on terror and since of its anti-China activities, the George W. Bush administration blacklisted the Turkestan Islamic Party additionally to the ETIM.

    Beijing has always blamed ETIM for justifying China’s brutality in Xinjiang. Human rights groups say the Xi Jinping administration has detained quite 1,000,000 people in detention centers in Xinjiang. Most of the minorities are Uyghurs and Turkish-speaking Muslims.

    Members of the ETIM call Xinjiang East Turkistan. Experts say China has provided some evidence. So it’s been said that ETIM is an organized group. They were blamed for the attack on Ginjian.

    The Washington-based Uyghur Human Rights Project has called the State Department’s decision a “delayed success.” He said the US decision was an immediate rejection of China’s allegations against ETIM.

    Omer Kanat, the organisation’s executive , said Chinese authorities had been waging state terrorism against Uyghurs for 20 years in response to ETIM’s fictitious threat.

    China has strongly opposed the US decision. On Friday, the country’s foreign ministry spokesman called on the us to not backtrack from its support within the fight against terrorism .

    China has spent decades trying to determine control over Xinjiang. As a part of this, atrocities were planned against the Uyghurs. The 9/11 , 2001 attacks happened within the us . Since then, Washington has blamed strict religious discipline for the so-called terrorism. it’s said that the Uyghur youth are leaning towards extreme extremism.

    ‘Scandal of the Century’

    Analysts are skeptical of ETIM’s role within the surprise attack . China has been the victim of a series of attacks. that the Chinese authorities are blaming the Uighur separatists.

    In 2014, 31 passengers were killed during a knife attack on a train within the southwestern city of Cumming. many people were killed in riots that began in 2009 in Urumqi, Xinjiang, targeting the bulk Han ethnos .

    Observers say Chinese authorities are forcing Uighurs to abandon Islamic practices. they’re being forcibly initiated into socialism.

    Earlier, Pompeo called China’s mass arrests a “scandal of the century.” Several U.S. senators have also involved Chinese atrocities against Uighurs to be called genocide.


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