The Ski World Cup has started in Poland


    The Ski World Cup has started in Poland. On the primary day of the event, Marcus Essen Bickler of Germany showed surprise. Biklar is well ahead within the title race with 26.6 points.

    Stars like Robert Johansson, Daniel Andre and Stefan Kraft did not make it into the highest ten on the night of the German star’s success.

    The arrival of winter in nature. Himel Hawa has began to book around. High mountain skiing has started in Poland within the midst of severe cold.

    There is a risk of death. But Marcus Eisen Bickler always likes to make the impossible possible. Before that, he was a four-time champion. this point the supporters expected something like that from him.

    Didn’t disappoint everyone. His ski within the high mountains filled the minds of the supporters. Marcus made a bet at the start of the planet Cup. Still a couple of steps left. However, regardless of what percentage obstacles come, this athlete is decided to win the title.


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