The producers’ association took action against Zayed Khan


    Zayed Khan’s membership has been suspended from the Bangladesh Film Producers and Distributors Association.

    Samsul Alam, general secretary of the Producers and Distributors Association, confirmed the interest the media on Sunday (October 25th) evening.

    “The decision was taken at a proper meeting of the producers’ association supported Zayed Khan’s recent activities,” he said.

    Last July, Jahed Khan was accused of being involved in activities against the interests of the film. then , 18 organizations related to the film declared Zayed Khan as unwanted. Zayed Khan also skilled the notice issued by the Bangladesh Film Producers and Distributors Association to point out cause.

    However, the Film Producers and Distributors Association isn’t satisfied with the response. in sight of this, after an in depth discussion at the 11th meeting of the association on 3 October, the membership of Zayed Khan was suspended after a radical analysis of the sort and extent of the crime.


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