Shakib Bandana on Pakistan Cricket Page


    A picture. mention rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! If you pay close attention, the meaning of the film will increase manifold.

    World-winning star Ben Stokes, former favorite Test all-rounder Jason Holder, Aussie all-rounder Marcus Stones, Indian star Rabindra Jadeja, world-class all-rounder Rashid Khan, Pakistani all-rounder Imad Wasim and Afghan star Mohammad Nabi are sitting on the bench. And Shakib Al Hasan is sitting on the throne ahead of all of them! All-rounders are taking note of the smiling face of the good son of Bangladesh cricket.

    ‘King is back’ within the caption of the image . That is, the king has returned. Returned to his proper throne. those that have thus far turned the stick within the all-rounding zone of the cricketing state in his absence, seem to possess re-acknowledged his authority at the arrival of the king!

    Interestingly, an image of Shakib Al Hasan has been published on a Facebook page in Pakistan! Although this page called ‘Cricket Pakistan’ isn’t the official Facebook page of the country’s cricket board, it’s basically a fanpage. Even then, accepting the dominance of a Bangladeshi there’s the achievement of Shakib Al Hasan!

    Shakib Al Hasan was released last week after a one-year ban imposed by the ICC. If you would like , you’ll go right down to the sector at any time. even as Tiger fans are expecting their best cricketer, so is that the whole cricket world waiting to be mesmerized by the mesmerizing performance of 1 of their best magicians.

    Let’s not take the image published thereon page called ‘Cricket Pakistan’ as a logo of aspiration of world cricket!


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