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Peasant protests: India issued a stern warning to Trudeau


India has reacted sharply to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s remarks at a farmers’ protest in India. The Prime Minister of Canada spoke out against the controversial new agricultural law and his position on farmers’ protests across the country. In an instantaneous response to Trudeau’s statement that he was in favor of the farmers’ protest, Anurag Srivastava, a spokesman for India’s foreign ministry, called it “ill-informed”.

The Indian Foreign Ministry described Trudeau’s remarks about farmers as “unknown” and “unsolicited”. Earlier, the Prime Minister of Canada expressed deep concern over the continued movement of farmers across India. He said Canada has always stood by peaceful protests for rights. things is worrying enough. We are all worried for the family and friends of the farmers. ‘

The Modi administration has been on the move since Trudeau’s remarks. In response, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said, “We have seen an unhealthy response from the Prime Minister of Canada on Indian farmers. Such statements aren’t acceptable in any way. Especially within the internal problems with a democratic country.

Farmers from about six states have gathered in Delhi against India’s controversial new agricultural law. things is getting more complicated day by day. In such a situation, India has reacted to the provocative remarks of the Prime Minister of Canada. “We try to seek out how to resolve the crisis through dialogue with farmers to regulate the continued situation,” the statement said. Because, within the presence of everyone, we believe discussion.

Earlier, Trudeau’s speech at the planet Sikh Organization aired the video. then , the speech of the Prime Minister of Canada spread in several places. Meanwhile, Priyanka Chaturvedi, deputy leader of the Indian party Shiv Sena, didn’t take the difficulty well. He termed the farmers’ protest as an indoor issue of India.

Farmers are protesting India’s controversial new farmers’ law since last Thursday (November 26th). With the slogan ‘Let’s attend Delhi’, farmers from 6 states including Punjab and Haryana left for Delhi. To resist them, security forces clashed with agitated farmers around Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi involved the withdrawal of the movement and requested for talks. But the farmers are adamant in their demands.

The peasant protests have intensified as various political parties, including the Congress, have expressed solidarity with the continued movement. The Modi government has involved resumption of talks to deal with things . The central government of India has proposed a gathering on Tuesday afternoon (December 1) civil time . The farmers have also agreed to take a seat within the talks. consistent with Indian media, each side have already sat down for a gathering . The meeting is being chaired by Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh. he’s amid Home Minister Amit Shah and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh.


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