One month in the Nargano-Karabakh war: Thousands killed


    The decades-old major conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia centered on Nargono-Karabakh. Both countries belong to the previous Soviet Union .

    Nargono-Karabakh is that the territory of Azerbaijan internationally. it’s occupied by the country’s separatists with the assistance of Armenia. they need independence or integration with Armenia.

    Tensions began there within the 1970s. The Soviet Union didn’t concentrate to isolated nationalism then. After the break-up of the Soviet Union , Armenian separatists had an opportunity to hitch Armenia.

    Following this, Armenia and Azerbaijan became embroiled during a terrible conflict in 1990. 30,000 people were killed. quite 1 million people are displaced. the 2 sides blamed one another for attacking civilians. During this point , Azerbaijan suffered heavy losses. Armenia later forcibly occupied the encompassing areas, including Nargono-Karabakh, from Armenia.

    To Armenia it’s referred to as Artsakh. One and a half lakh people sleep in the mountainous area. One-third of the population lives within the main town of Stephencourt. The perimeter of the world is 4,004 square kilometers. There are oil and gas pipelines within the west.

    On September 26, Armenia attacked Azerbaijani settlements and military installations, sparking a war between the 2 sides. Which has taken on horrific proportions since the 1990s war. Analysts warn that this war is different from previous conflicts. Because sophisticated weapons are getting used within the current conflict. Russia and Turkey support one another separately, raising fears of an all-out war.

    Armenia-Azerbaijan have blamed one another whenever they’re involved within the conflict over the Nargona-Karabakh issue.

    Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry says Baku has launched a self-defense operation to repel Armenian attacks and make sure the safety of civilians. Armenia accuses Azerbaijan of attacking civilian settlements in Nargono-Karabakh.

    It is very difficult to verify the reality of every other’s claims. the 2 sides are blaming one another for the past few weeks. they need always denied the allegations. nobody is acknowledging the loss of life, especially in attacks.

    Although there was a ceasefire in 1994, Armenia and Azerbaijan were almost involved within the conflict. In 2016, quite 100 people were killed during a four-day conflict. quite 50 people were killed in July of that year. Most of whom are members of the military.

    At least 75 Azerbaijani civilians are killed during a month of fighting. 37 Armenian civilians were killed.

    Armenian-backed Nargono-Karabakh authorities say 974 of their troops are killed. Azerbaijan has not released information on their military casualties. President Ilham Aliyev says Baku will provide details of the damage if the conflict subsides.

    Many people think that the amount of casualties and damage is far above the particular amount.

    Thousands fled Armenia’s neighboring Stephencourt. those that are there are staying at the Bullet Proup Shelter under the bottom .

    Residents have moved to safer areas from the cities in Armenia, including Tarfar in Azerbaijan.

    It is feared that the utilization of latest weapons within the conflict could lead on to more casualties.

    So far, a three-point ceasefire has been attempted on the condition of release of prisoners and return of the bodies of these killed within the war. International mediators help. But all efforts failed.

    After lengthy talks between the 2 sides, the primary ceasefire, effective October 10, was mediated by Moscow. One week later, Russian secretary of state Sergei Lavrov spoke by phone with the President of Azerbaijan and therefore the Prime Minister of Armenia. The second tactic is effective. The third phase of the ceasefire came into effect on October 26 with the assistance of the us .

    Within hours of implementation, all ceasefires were broken. Armenia and Azerbaijan are blaming one another for violating the ceasefire. The Minsk Group, a coalition of the us , Russia and France, has been working since 1992 to resolve the Nargona-Karabakh conflict. Although the ceasefire was effective in 1994, no permanent solution has been found yet.

    Russia has good relations with Azerbaijan. But the Kremlin is supporting Armenia. Many Armenians believe that the West also features a good relationship with Pashinyan. They also think that Moscow is disappointed.

    Meanwhile, Turkey is that the biggest supporter of Azerbaijan. Baku wants Ankara at the negotiating table. Turkey is criticizing the Minsk Group from its own position.

    The conflict couldn’t be stopped even after trying a three-point ceasefire. Every day, the international powers are urging the fighters to finish the conflict and ensure peace. However, hopes for an end to the conflict are slim.

    In a speech to the state on October 26, Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan, said, “We are bringing back historic justice through war.” Nargono-Karabakh is that the traditional territory of Azerbaijan.

    In a tweet, Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan said the newest US-brokered ceasefire had failed. In Artesque (Nargono-Karabakh), civilians still be killed within the ongoing shelling of Azerbaijan.

    Despite this, the highest leaders of the 2 countries still hold talks with the planet powers. Giving interviews to the media. Aliyev and Pashinyan have voluntarily expressed a desire for a ceasefire.


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