Kyrgyzstan announces new PM

    Kyrgyzstan announces new PM

    Kyrgyzstan announces new PM!

    Protests in Kyrgyzstan continued on Saturday amid widespread security forces. They chanted slogans against the govt for allegedly rigging the results of the recent elections. The protesters demanded new elections immediately.

    However, without confirming the protesters’ demands, the country’s parliament approved the name of Sadar Japarov because of the new prime minister. Kasparov, 51, is understood to be an in-depth ally of President Suranbai Zhenbekov. The new prime minister has called on the protesters to stay calm after taking office.

    “I will use the chance I even have ,” he said. i would like to face by the youth society. i think that ongoing violence and movement will stop very soon.

    Earlier, Kyrgyz authorities accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Kubatbek Boronov, who had won the disputed election. Meanwhile, security forces have re-arrested former president and opposition leader Almazbek Atambayev on charges of inciting ongoing violence. One person has been killed and about 1,200 injured in violence within the country since Monday’s disputed election.

    (Kyrgyzstan announces new PM)


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