Home Today News Is this EPL umpire female or male?

Is this EPL umpire female or male?

Is this EPL umpire female or male?

There are surprises and surprises throughout this year’s IPL. Two matches were played on the same day on Sunday in Super Over. On this day another dilemma started with the umpire. Himshim Khan spectators to decide whether the umpire is male or female. Many people think that female umpires have been given the responsibility of managing the match.

This umpire had sunglasses in his eyes. Many viewers consider her a woman because of her clean beard and curly hair up to her shoulders.

However, it did not take long to correct the mistake. It was later revealed that he was a male umpire. The 43-year-old West reader is a resident of Mumbai. He has been umpiring for many years. Pathak has been a regular umpire in Indian domestic cricket since 2009. He has also been India’s reserve umpire in two Tests and three ODIs.

Besides, Paschim Pathak was in charge of umpiring in the women’s international ODI match in 2012. He came to the notice of everyone in 2015 for a special reason. The service, however, is not a hairstyle, the umpire came on the field after wearing a helmet in the preparation match of the ICC World Twenty20.

In the IPL, the reader has come in a different outfit instead of a helmet. On Sunday (October 18), the camera turned on him as he entered the field. From ‘StyleBhai’ he has now become ‘Rockstar’. Seeing the reader, many thought it might be his first IPL campaign. But that is not right. He has also officiated in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. However, his hair was not long at that time.


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