India has 48 military bases on the border to stop China


    The way during which the Indo-China border crisis has escalated since the clashes within the Galwan Valley in Ladakh is unprecedented. Indian External Affairs Minister S Jayashankar himself remarked that such a heated border has not been seen within the last several decades. New Delhi is consistently increasing its strength with allies to prevent China. Following this, 48 new border outposts are being found out along the Ladakh border.

    Earlier, the Narendra Modi administration built roads and a number of other bridges within the area. the most objection is from the Xi Jinping administration. Beijing also threatened to prevent India from building infrastructure.

    As India continues its construction work, it’s tested 12 missiles in 45 days. The country has tested anti-tank guided missiles, supersonic various modern weapons. The range of a missile is a minimum of 400 kilometers. It can run 3 times faster than sound.

    Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said India values its neighbors, but their government doesn’t hand over if anyone goes too far.

    ‘India always tries to possess good relations with its neighbors. But there are times when troops have had to form sacrifices to guard their territorial integrity and sovereignty. Indian troops won’t leave to defend the motherland. This resistance is ablaze within the minds of the Indian Army.

    In Sikkim, just two kilometers from the Indo-China border, Rajnath is on the tenth day of the Durga Puja of the Indian Army.

    Meanwhile, the us has called China its biggest enemy. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Asper will visit New Delhi to advise India on the difficulty .

    Washington has announced the deployment of Coastguard ships within the western Pacific to place pressure on Beijing.


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