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Google Maps new feature ‘Business’


From now on, before getting to the specified destination like shop, mall , it’ll be known what percentage people are there. Google has announced new features to stay people a touch safer during the continued coronavirus.

This function has not yet been added to Google Maps. Users will get various notifications as long as they look for the updated destination.

If you would like to travel to a store, you’ve got to look that place to understand the condition there first. Then the ‘Business’ feature will show on the map. For this, it’s not necessary to look through the crowded places. Notifications are often , ‘Not busy,’ ‘Busier than usual,’ or ‘As busy because it gets.’

This feature are going to be launched within the next few weeks.

Google has added a couple of more new features to their map. checking out nearby hotels and restaurants has now been made much easier. Now once you open the map, you’ll get information about 25 services from additional categories including takeout, delivery, gas and grocery options.


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