France stagnates at 600 km jam


    Paris, the capital of France, has been hit by unprecedented traffic jams. The citizens of France cannot think that anyone has seen such a holdup before. consistent with the BBC, the circumference of the jam was about 600 km.

    A lockdown was announced in France from midnight on Friday (October 30) to affect the second wave of the continued epidemic Corona virus. it’s also been announced beforehand that this year’s lockdown are going to be implemented very strictly. this is often the most reason why such a chaotic situation is made on the roads of France.

    The French traffic department has also acknowledged the record-breaking holdup . They reported a 430-mile (600-kilometer) holdup within the Ile-de-France region on Thursday (October 29th) evening. Not only in Paris, but also within the cities of Lyon and Bordeaux just hours before the lockdown took effect.

    French President Emmanuel Macron has again ordered a lockdown because the second wave of corona has caused a explosion in infections. Macro sat in an emergency meeting on Wednesday night after 34,000 people were newly infected in France. At the top of the discussion, he announced the lockdown on an emergency basis. Explaining the small print of the new rules, the French president urged the countrymen to abide by the principles .

    The French president said people would be ready to get out of the house for college , work and medical needs. you’ll also leave of the house to shop for daily necessities. But as soon as he leaves the house, the administration has got to tell him the rationale . Traveling from one province to a different is strictly prohibited. Each border has been sealed. Bar, restaurant has been completely closed. Travel without emergency work is totally prohibited. School and university authorities are told that the majority classes should be conducted online.

    The same instructions are given within the case of office. If it’s not very necessary, it’s been instructed to try to to the office sitting reception . However, you’ll leave to exercise for one hour each day . consistent with the announcement, this rule will continue till December 1. then understand things and take action.


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