Footballers are not 100% fit yet


    Despite being physically and mentally fit, it’ll still take an extended time for the footballers to regain match fitness, said assistant coach Masood Parvez Kaiser. However, he hopes that the condition of the whole team will improve before the Nepal match. However, the footballers think that the players of Bashundhara Kings are a touch ahead during this place.

    Today, 11 footballers of Bashundhara Kings joined the camp for the primary time ranging from October 23. Tariq Kazi is in quarantine as he came from Finland. along side other teammates, the remainder came from the hotel to the practice field. He gave the beep test under the assistant coach.

    After that, continuous practice continued at Birshreshtha Sepoy Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Stadium in Kamalapur. additionally to warming up and running, footballers work with their fitness by saying With and With Out. Before the arrival of the top coach, everyone was trying hard to extend their fitness level.

    However, within the eyes of the assistant coach, the scholars are still not fit enough to run 90 minutes. he’s also reluctant to stay the Kings footballers too far ahead.

    Bangladesh national eleven assistant coach Masud Parvez Kaiser said, ‘Today the footballers of Bashundhara have given a beep test. The results didn’t reach me, but i prefer their condition with the eye . But, staying fit and match fitness may be a whole different thing. i will be able to say therein place, nobody is fully fit yet. Everyone’s condition is close. However, before the Nepal match, I hope the entire team will come to a standstill.

    Footballers also believe that there’s a drag with fitness. However, thanks to regular training at the club after Corona, the matter of Bashundhara Kings footballers isn’t like others. After a short time , they appear to be ready to lookout of themselves.

    Footballer Tapu Varman said, ‘I can return to the sector , this is often our big achievement. Our fitness condition is sort of good. The others aren’t bad either, but at Kings we’ve been in practice for an extended time. So our condition is far better. ‘

    Footballer Ibrahim said, ‘I have followed all the principles and regulations given by the team during the coronation. Later I also worked with fitness within the club. there’s longer before the Nepal match, within the meantime i will be able to return to the match.

    Matin and Johnny are frightened of injury. However, thanks to lack of your time , the football federation isn’t thinking of taking their alternative for the nonce .


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