Armenian attack breaks ceasefire 8 Azeri killed

    Armenian attack breaks ceasefire 8 Azeri killed

    Armenian attack breaks ceasefire 8 Azeri killed!

    Azerbaijan-Armenia has no qualms about agreeing to a ceasefire within the ongoing war with Nagorno-Karabakh. the 2 countries are still completing counter-attacks. Despite announcing a ceasefire, Azerbaijan has claimed that a minimum of seven people was killed during a civilian attack in its second-largest city on Saturday night.

    Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry said on Twitter on Sunday that seven people had been killed and 33 others, including children, wounded during a missile attack by Armenian forces within the town of Ganja.

    Azerbaijan and Armenia agreed to a two-week ceasefire in Moscow on Friday for “humanitarian reasons” under Russian mediation. civil time is additionally mentioned to be effective from noon on Saturday. But even after the ceasefire, the 2 countries still attack one another. As a result, questions are being raised about the effectiveness of the ceasefire.

    Armenia, meanwhile, has denied that Azerbaijan has violated the ceasefire by accusing Karabakh forces of attacking the town of Ganja.

    Although Nagorno-Karabakh is found in Azerbaijan, people of Armenian ethnicity are controlling the region. And Armenia is supporting them. Although the region was separated from Azerbaijan through the war within the 1990s, no country has recognized the region as an independent state.

    The two countries were on a truce in 1994 after a tumultuous war. Armenia and Azerbaijan are at war again on September 26 over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh. The war, which lasted for quite a fortnight, has seen many casualties within the international media.

    (Armenian attack breaks ceasefire 8 Azeri killed)


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