20 important facts about the US election


    And soon after, the most round of voting for the US presidential election will begin. But consistent with tradition, the results were announced after voting in two centers in New Hampshire. Whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden will attend the White House, the entire world is facing the Americans also . Many wonder if the US election may be a complicated one. the solution to the question that involves the mind of the reader are going to be easier if they know this stuff .

    Blue State:

    Democrat-dominated states like California, Illinois, and northeastern states are called the “Blue State.”

    Red State:

    States referred to as Republican strongholds, like Idaho, Alaska, and lots of states within the south are called ‘Red States’.

    What is Caucasus?

    A handful of states within the us , like Iowa, have caucuses rather than primary. The team organizes caucuses in every area across the state. No ballot is cast within the Democrat Caucus. Voting here is by voting in groups inside the space .

    What is Congress?

    The us Congress is split . House of Representatives and Senate. the amount of seats within the House of Representatives is 435. The Senate has 100 seats.

    What is a convention?

    Where delegates from both parties pick their presidential candidates.

    What is a delegate?

    In the states of the us , delegates are elected through elections within two parties. so as to urge party nomination, a candidate must win the delegate choose proportion to the bulk .

    In this case, the question is – who are the delegates? Delegates are local leaders who represent their state at the party’s national conference.

    Election Day:

    Voting for the US presidential election has been happening on Tuesday, the day after the primary Monday in November since 1845. Since then, voting has been happening on Tuesday.

    Electoral College:

    The body may be a panel of officials, called electors, formed every four years to pick the president and vice chairman of the us . The candidate who received 260 of the 537 electoral votes won the White House race.


    When a crucial political figure or a prominent person during a US election supports a candidate, it’s described as endorsement. they assist the candidate to become more popular and discussed within the media.

    Grand Old Party:

    Another name for the Republican Party is that the Grand Old Party.


    Since only two parties within the us determine the most presidential candidate, it takes an extended time before the election to work out the most candidate. The US Constitution doesn’t mention this ‘primary’. Rather the entire matter is decided consistent with party and state law. This election is held within the same way because the election . However, during this case, the government organizes the first election.

    If a candidate wins the first , all or partial representatives of the state will vote for him or her at the party’s final conference. He are going to be announced because the presidential candidate later through the party conference.

    Super Twice Day:

    This is largely the deciding day within the selection of candidates for the US presidential election. Usually the election year is in February or March. this is often the foremost important day for party nominees in an election year. Votes are cast simultaneously in 12 states, and his victory or defeat often gives a thought of which party goes to be the candidate. Because therein one-day primary, 1 / 4 of Republican delegates and a 3rd of Democrats voted.


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